15minutes4me is a self care program which is developed for a purpose. Our purpose is to help you to take care of your mental health. You can take a free self test on the official site. Spending your 15 minutes from your daily busy life to that program can be a time of relaxation and self care. Health should be the first and greatest priority of everyone’s life.

If you want to deal with the challenges of every single step of your life then you must have to take this matter serious and you have to take care of your health as well as mental health. When we talk about 15minutes4me it’s seems to be very difficult, but when you start taking care of yourself you will definitely see the positive result and positive change in your life within two or so months.

15 minutes daily workout is better than no workout. You can enjoy your life only in one condition if you start your life with in a new way which is far away from the anxiety and stress. We will help you by discovering new solutions. We keep repeat the best habit until they become spontaneous habits. Patients are always our first priority.

After starting that program you will be satisfied with your life and you will be start enjoying your life in a new way. You will be able to help others and make them feel happy. By just clicking the mentioned link you can easily log in: www.15minutes4me.com

A short view of 15minutes4me

This program is online survey that is based around an assessment questionnaire and helps people determine their current mental level in order to find out the proper treatment protocol and solutions. Now a days everyone is going through a tough life which will cause result in depression, anxiety and stress.

If you are having the same problem and you really want to get rid of them and want yourself back on track with your health, relationships and wealth. But you don’t have much time to visit to an expert to discuss it all. Fortunately there is a program where you can easily and simply get rid of your problems and mental health. It’s not complicated as may you think.

You just have to log in anytime 24/7, it will take a few minutes to answer the asking simple questions from dozen of unique tests.

Some major symptoms of anxiety

If you are having such symptoms then might be you are in stress and anxiety. These symptoms are following

  • Memories that you can’t control
  • You might feel out of control
  • Feelings of fear and worry
  • Fear of a specific event
  • Difficulty falling asleep
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Increase in heart rate
  • Painful thoughts
  • Rapid breathing
  • Panic attacks
  • Restlessness
  • Nightmares

If you are suffering from these problems then you must have to consider this and go visit to the site for better treatment.

Why you should choose our online program?

Our online program was developed and personalized in collaboration with an international team of doctors, psychologists and Psychiatrists. The best thing about this program is that you don’t have to make any appointment because we are available 24 hours of the day and 7 days of the week.

There are not waiting times when you want to start just login. You can help yourself just by staying at your home. You can ask your friends or family to assist you or you can attend the program alone. We provide the facility of free self test. We are providing free self test because anyone can determine their stress and anxiety levels.

How helpful can self test be?

Over a dozen of quizzes online that people take to pass their time, there are often tests and questionnaires that claim to give you an accurate result of how you are doing mentally. You can see the scores on the screen after completing the test. It is very helpful because you don’t need to go anywhere or wait for your appointment, you just need to answer the given some questions.

Benefits of 15minutes4me

There are a lot of benefits of 15minutes4me. Let’s talk about those benefits that are mentioned below:

Help you to become proactive

Our program’s goal is help you to take care of your mental health. As a member of our program you have to spend 15 minutes daily with us to feel anxiety free and feel relaxation. When you spending time with us you will be able to see a positive change in your life.

Help you to improve your mental health

You are worried about your mental state and you worry too much so if you want to improve your mental state, you should try this program. This program will let you to improve your mental health. This site helps thousands of people all over the world to get back into a positive state of mind.

Build self confidence

The best thing about this program is they will build a self confidence so that you can deal easily with the daily routine work. Try our app which is completely free and available on any device like laptop, computer, tablet or smartphone.

Learn how to control your stress

This program will let you help you to control your stress in any situation of life. We will teach you how to handle with your negative feelings and emotions. You just have to give 15 minutes to us from your daily life then you will quickly see results by doing daily exercises.

Some useful tips to deal with the stressed person

When you see a person who loss interests and not doing their normal activities they are actually depressed. So you should not say the following things to such type of person:

  • Other people have problems too you are thinking about yourself too much
  • I’m not in a mood to listen you
  • You only think about yourself
  • But you don’t look depressed
  • Why are you so anxious?
  • It can’t be that bad
  • It’s your fault

Instead of all of the above methods you should try these simple tips to a stressed person:

  • Let’s sort through this together
  • Don’t give up, you are strong
  • I know you can’t control it
  • I have faith in you
  • Take your time
  • How can I help
  • Never give up

The result we get after one month of daily exercise

This program is basically for four weeks. But with the situation of the patient, it can be longer or shorter. It’s depends on the situation how long it takes to see improvement in your overall mental health status. After one month you will see the positive change by feeling lower stress, more happiness and better mood. You will able to develop a positive attitude that can be useful for you, throughout your life.

Final words

In 15minutes4me you have to answer some questions so this test let you figure out the scores of your stress, tension and anxiety. The main goal and purpose of creating this site is to help people who are suffering from the high level of depression and anxiety and make them happy and satisfied with their lives.

After answering some of the questions you can know if you have high level of stress or low level of stress just after 3 minutes. This program is created by the experts to share some tips to the affected people.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have summed up a list of some frequently asked questions for you. Expect all of them if you have any query you can text us via email.

Q#1. In how many languages is this program available?

The program is available in different languages like, English, French, Spanish and Dutch. We are working to translate into German.

Q#2. How does this program help us?

This program help our patients in several ways. Such as:

  • We help them to replace our patient’s bad habits into useful habits
  • We teach them news skills
  • We try our best to digging out their patients into the past
  • We build up the confidence
  • We figure out what does not work for you
  • We teaching them self reflection

Q#3. What is the mission of this program? The mission of this program is to maintain the mental health of our patients. Our first and foremost purpose is to make everyone happy and reduce the risk of different mental problems like anxiety, stress and depression and make sure they are satisfied.